Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Pricing Questions

AIO Tests - Test Management for Jira is available for Jira Cloud, Jira Server and Jira Data Center. Below is the pricing information for each.

AIO Tests (Cloud)

For Cloud, AIO Tests is currently a free app. Pricing will be introduced effective from July 1, 2021. For additional details, please click here.

AIO Tests (Server)

Server version of AIO Tests will always remain free.

AIO Tests (Data Center)

For Data Center pricing of AIO Tests, please click here.

General Questions

Q: Editing any test case does not reflect in the cycle if the case is already added

A: If a case is added to the cycle, AIO treats it as a version. Any changes thereon, are considered as a new version, which needs to be manually added using Add Run. This is necessary since a feature test case may get modified for the next batch of changes and AIO will not like to make a decision on the user’s behalf. If AIO updates the same version then all existing cycles where the case has been added and executed will be impacted.

Q: A team member has created cases but none of the other team members are able to see them; though the number in the overview dashboard is correct. Why can I not see all the test cases?

A: The cases are created in Draft status by default and draft status cases are only visible to the user who created the cases. The Draft status helps users to hide "in work" cases and publish only when they are ready.

Once the case is ready, the user may choose to put it Under Review, in case there is a review process in place. If not, then status can be directly changed to Published.
In Under Review and Published statuses, the cases are visible to everyone.

The overview page is meant to show overall project activity and hence it shows the total cases irrespective of status.

Similarly for the AIO Tests Jira panel on the story, users can only see cases that have been created by them (any status) and by others (Published or Under Review status).

Q: How do I attach screenshots to each step while execution?

A: Defects and Attachments can be captured at the Step level for each test case through the Steps Panel.

To navigate to Steps panel

  • On the cycle screen, expand the test case as shown below. Expand the run or click on the run 1 row

  • Click on the steps under the run, which would open the step panel as below

  • The step panel allows you to create Defects and Attachments from this single interface

  • You can capture comments as well as add actual results from here


Q. I cannot see cycles that have the cases for my Jira issue on the Cycles tab of AIO Tests Jira panel?

A. The Cases tab in the AIO Tests panel shows which cases have been written and linked to the Jira issue.

The Cycles tab in the AIO Tests panel will show data if the Jira issue/task has been linked to a cycle using the highlighted option below. In attached scenario, no cycle is linked to the bug SWSE-153. This tab is generally populated when cycles are created and linked for tasks. As an example, if a regression execution is tracked as a Jira task in your Agile board. To do the regression task, you create a cycle in AIO Tests and then link this cycle to the Jira task. For such Jira tasks, the cycle would show in the Cycles tab.

The Impacted Executions tab in the panel shows data mostly for bugs – when bugs are attached to a Run in an Execution Cycle.