Execution Distribution Report

Execution Distribution report helps managers view cycle execution progress by different parameters. Using the information provided in this report, managers can prioritize work to meet their testing goals.

Execution distribution report is generated for a selected cycle and gives distribution by users assigned to cases for execution, case priority, case type, tags added to cases and by user requirements (Jira issues linked to cases).

Generating Execution Distribution Report

Click on the chevron next to the report and on the input window, select a cycle, along with the distribution parameter.

Click on Generate. Depending on the distribution parameter selected, the report is generated.

There are 4 sections on the report:

  1. Cycle Summary: This section shows the Cycle details - Key, Title, Objective, Start date and End date

  2. Case Distribution: A bar chart showing case count by the selected distribution parameter broken down by last run status of cases

  3. Estimated Effort Distribution: A bar chart showing Remaining and Completed Est. Effort for cases that fall under the selected distribution parameter. Completed estimated effort is total of estimated effort for completed cases (cases in Passed/Failed status). Similarly, remaining estimated effort is total of estimated effort for incomplete cases (cases in Blocked/In Progress/Not Run status)

  4. Execution Data: The data represented in charts is also shown in table format in this section - case count by selected distribution parameter and by last run status, estimated, actual and remaining effort and number of incomplete cases. This section also has a "Only show rows with pending executions" checkbox. If checked, the table shows the distribution for cases that have not yet been executed

Before we start explaining each distribution based on different criteria, few important points should be noted

  1. Each case is mapped uniquely (except for tags and requirements distribution parameter)

  2. Estimated Effort is the effort entered by user while creating the case

  3. Actual Effort is the total effort logged across all runs

  4. A case is considered complete if the status is either Passed or Failed

  5. A case is considered incomplete if the status is either Not Run, In Progress or Blocked

  6. When all assigned work is completed or if no estimated effort has been entered on the case, then Remaining Effort = 0

Distribution by User Assignment

Use the 'User Assignment' distribution parameter to see how much work is unassigned and how the assigned work is progressing.


Distribution by Case Priority

Case priority distribution parameter can be used to see progress on critical and high priority cases and managers can assess where testing efforts need to focus.

Distribution by Case Type

See distribution of cases across testing type - Unit, Functional, API, Integration, etc..

Distribution by Requirement

Use this parameter to see how testing is progressing on cases with linked Jira requirements. This report shows case count for linked Jira requirements. Please note the count here is not mutually exclusive as a case might be linked to 2 or 3 requirements.

Distribution by Case Tags

The tags used in cases can be used as a distribution criteria for generating this report. This report shows progress against tags used on cases in the selected cycle. Please note the count here is not mutually exclusive as a tag might be used in multiple cases.