Whenever a user enables the AIO Tests plugin, they land on the home screen - “Overview”. This tab acts as a dashboard for the project. Click on the links below to know more about each section of Overview page.

Project Overview

It gives user a glance into the testing status of the project. It shows the overall working of testing by giving counts of Cases (including draft cases), Sets, Cycles (+1) and Defects. Users can view Case and Execution progress via line graphs. An Activity Log registers activities done by users of system. Recently Accessed section shows details of the Cases, Cycles and Defects that have been used recently.

On initialization of AIO Tests for a project, below screen is displayed.


Since no Cases, Sets and Defects have been created, their count is 0. But, you can create a case and get started quickly, by clicking on the Create button. Also, by default an Adhoc cycle is created, so the count for Cycle shows as 1. The Adhoc cycle is created to get you quickly started on execution or if there is a need to do unplanned testing.

Once our sample project was near completion, the overview looked somewhat like below

The Case, Set, Cycle and Defect count are calculated for the entire life span of project. They actually represent same values as what is calculated in Project Metrics report.

If any Case/ Set/ Cycle/ Defect is added or removed from the project, the updates are reflected in the respective counts.

Cases Activity

Cases Activity is a graphical representation (line chart) of the count of Cases with respect to the date on which they were created or edited . A selected portion of the graph can be zoomed in to see the detailed graph - select the date range on the graph to zoom in. It can be zoomed out by clicking Reset zoom button. The graph shows data for last 30 days.


  1. For showing the edited Case count in the graph, even if the case is edited 10 times a day, it will add a count of only 1

  2. Deleted cases entry is not accounted for in the “edited” numbers

Execution Activity

It is a graphical representation (Line Chart) of the count of execution of Cycles with respect to the date on which they were executed. A selected portion of the graph can be zoomed in and zoomed out. This graph also shows data of last 30 days.

Recently Accessed

This section consists of lists of Cases, Cycles and Defects that you were working on. This list is very handy and can get you quickly to where you were last working. The most recently accessed item will be shown on top as compared to other ones. The below screenshot shows the recently accessed Cases. Similarly, on clicking tabs of Cycles and Defects, recently worked upon entities can be viewed. The Defects tab shows defects from multiple projects if they are attached to the runs of the project being viewed.

Clicking on the links will take you to the respective details page for Cases and Cycles and for Defects, clicking the link will take you to the bug detail page logged in Jira.

Max count for Recently Accessed section is 20 per item (Cases/ Cycles/ Defects) in last 30 days.


This section helps in monitoring project activity. It shows the activity log of top 5000 records per entity (Cases/ Sets/ Cycles/ Runs/ Defects) of activities done by the team members. The log has most recently updated entity on top as compared to other ones.

The user has the option to filter the list down to see their own activity only by clicking “Me” in the toggle bar. Further filtering is possible by selecting the entity (Cases, Sets, Cycles, Runs and Defects) from the entity drop-down. By default, all entities are shown.

If an entity is updated 5 times, there will be 5 entries in the activity log with unique timestamp for each update. The time shown for each of the activity is as per user's time zone; user’s Jira time zone settings will be shown if user has exposed his time zone to others, otherwise user’s local machine time zone will be considered.

The above screenshot shows the activity log of All entities, created/modified by Me (logged in user). If you click on Everyone, you shall see activity log of everyone in your team.

  1. Entry for Deletion of any entity (Case, Set, Cycle and Run) will not appear in the Activity list, but all entries associated with the deleted entity will be removed from the list

  2. The un-linking of Cases from Sets and Cycles will not appear in the list

  3. If a case from another project is added to a Set or Cycle, that entry will also appear in the list