AIO Tests Overview

AIO Tests (All-In-One Test Management for Jira) is an intuitive Jira app that aims at simplifying and optimizing the quality assurance process. It gives a seamless integration with Jira, making it easy to trace requirements with tests and defects, thus promoting accuracy, collaboration, and process improvement.

AIO Tests covers the entire testing lifecycle and allows for an iterative process by easing the following tasks:

  • capturing Test Cases

  • organizing Cases via Sets and Folders

  • managing different testing Cycles

  • recording execution results and defects for multiple Runs

  • reporting test Automation Results

  • measuring coverage and analyzing gaps with Traceability

  • viewing burn down rate for Cycles

  • viewing Project Metrics

The below graphic shows the lifecycle mapped to AIO Tests plugin


AIO Tests uses commonly known concepts – Cases, Sets and Cycles – to get you started quickly and ensuring a smooth end-to-end experience. The entities are all related to each other as depicted below