AIO Tests - Jira Cloud Migration Assistant (JCMA)

Jira Server users using AIO Tests can now move their data to Jira Cloud using AIO Tests JCMA feature.


  • Before doing data migration in Production, please perform at least 1 or 2 migrations on a test instance and verify your data. In case of any issues, please reach out to or open a ticket in our support portal.

  • Migrate all the projects from Jira so that there are no broken links in Cases/Sets/Cycles, etc.

  • Migration process will transfer all the data for Cases, Cycles, Sets and Runs along with attachments, requirement links and defect links.

Please note, any existing AIO Tests data on Cloud (destination instance) will be deleted and overridden with the data from the Server (source instance).

Please note the following items will not be migrated as part of the move:

  • Saved Reports - Users will need to setup their saved reports in Cloud again

  • Saved Filters - Users will need to create new saved filters in Cloud

  • Sharing of Reports - The reports that have been shared will lose the sharing information and will need to be shared on Cloud

  • Dashboards - Existing dashboards won’t be migrated

  • Jira custom fields - Custom fields that have been created and mapped with any single-select Jira field will not be migrated along with its data

  • History section - The history tab on Cases will be empty once cases are migrated

  • If certain projects are not migrated from Server to Cloud then following issues will be observed

    • Cases with linked steps belonging non-migrated projects will error out

    • Sets/cycles containing cases of non-migrated projects will error out

    • Cases/cycles that have defects linked from non Migrated projects will error out

  • AIO Tests Defect Creation preferences (General Preferences)

    • The settings done for Custom Fields will not be migrated. Users are requested to review their General Preferences section