Audit Log

Audit Log functionality lets users review certain actions taken in AIO Tests application for a project. At present, the audit log functionality only captures deletion actions taken by any user. This article describes the actions captured in Audit Log and related details.

Audit log shows actions taken in the last 30 days.

Accessing Audit Log

Audit Log can be accessed from the top-right cog icon as shown below.

Once clicked the following page is shown.

Actions Captured in Audit Log

The Audit Log shows the date on which the action was taken, the user who took the action, entity on which the action was taken and the actual action & its details.

Following actions and details are captured as of now in the log.








Deletion of a case

Case Title and Status


Deletion of a cycle

Cycle Title


Deletion of a set

Set Title

Cycle Case

Removal of a case from a cycle

Cycle Title, Case Title, Last Run Status and associated defects

Set Case

Removal of a case from a set

Set Title and Case Title

Search, Filters & Refresh

  • Users can search the audit log by any key. All matches will be displayed regardless of the entity.

  • Users can filter by Activity Date, User and Entity

  • Refresh is provided to refresh and stay on the page