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AIO Teams

The add-on allows the user to group users in teams, that can be used within AIO for purposes like sharing reports with a group, timesheet approver teams, creating timesheet reports for a group and others.

This article explains how to create, modify, share and use teams.

Creating and Sharing Teams

  1. Go to My Area → My Teams from the top navigation bar. This page lists all the teams created by you and teams shared with you by other users at your organization (if any)

  2. Click ‘Create New Team’ button to start creating a new team

  3. Specify a name for the team being created

  4. Enter the name of the users that should be part of the team. The names of Jira users will show up as you start typing.
    Previously created teams and teams shared with you within AIO can also be added

  5. Click ‘Save’ to create the team. The number next to the team name denotes the number of people in the team

  6. Once you create a team, options to share, edit and delete them will show up on the My Teams page

  7. Click on the icon under the 'Shares' column to share it with other Jira users in your organization

    1. Clicking the checkbox would allow the other users to add or remove team members from the shared team. They cannot share it further with other users

    2. If the checkbox isn’t checked, the other users can only delete the team from their own list of shared teams

How to Use AIO Teams

  • Sharing a Report: While sharing a saved report from My Saved Reports page, you can share the report with created AIO Teams

  • Time Tracking Report: While creating a Time Tracking report from the report designer interface, you can use a team’s name instead of adding individual users in the ‘Users and AIO Teams Filter

  • Timesheet Approval Hierarchy: While adding users for a timesheet approver, you can select a team instead of individual users


  • Other Reports: Once a team is created, a field named ‘Time Entry: AIO Team’ becomes available in the Fields list on the report designer interface and the field can be used in different reports. An example is shown below