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Publishing a Report

Publishing a saved report is a way to share the report with users/stakeholders that don’t have access to Jira via a URL that can be sent to them to view the output.

This article explains how to publish a saved report and related details. It also explains how to refresh a published report automatically.


To publish a saved report, follow the steps below

  1. Go to My Area → My Reports to land on the ‘My Saved Reports’ tab


  2. Click the name of the report that you want to Publish to open it in the report designer interface

  3. Click Run to view the results in the bottom pane

  4. Along with report results, more options become available which includes a ‘Publish’ button highlighted below. Click on the Publish button to get the below message


  5. Once the report has been published the report, the published URL can be accessed via My Area → My Reports section under the Published column


  6. An access code can also be set for the published view from this page. It can also be removed by clicking the same lock icon

  7. When an access code is set, the users are needed to enter that code to access the published view


  8. You can remove the published link by clicking the ‘Remove Published View’ icon


  9. You can view the published link by clicking the 'Go to published view' icon. A published link report is shown below

Published Link for a report

The published links expire after 30 days from the date when it was last published


Automatic Refresh of Published Report

To refresh the published report automatically, a subscription needs to be setup for the report. Please follow the steps listed below to setup the subscription:

  1. Go to My Area → My Reports to see the list of all the saved reports

  2. Click on ‘Email this report' in the report row that you wish to refresh automatically


  3. On the subscription form, select the checkbox for sharing as highlighted below

  4. To skip sending an email, do not add any recipients