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Sharing Reports with other Jira Users

The add-on allows sharing of reports that have been saved by the user. The owner/creator can share a report with other Jira users belonging to the same organization.

Sharing a report with other Jira users can be done via My Area → My Saved Reports tab.

This article explains how to share a report and options available for the users receiving the shared report.


To share a saved report, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Go to My Area → My Reports. You will land on the My Saved Reports tab

  2. Click the symbol under the 'Shares' column in the report row that you wish to share

  3. A new pop-up window (shown below) will be displayed. Type in the name of the users to share the report with or the name of the AIO Team (created under ' My Teams').
    Please note these teams are specific to the AIO add-on. Please click here for details on My Teams

  4. The user with whom the report is shared can access the report via My Area → My Reports under the 'Shared Reports' tab

  5. If the ‘Allow these users to edit the report’ checkbox is checked, then the users will also be able to edit this report and the changes made will be available to all

  6. If editing isn’t allowed, the users can only run the report but cannot modify it. To modify, they will need to copy it and then modify their own copy

Share a Report with users in a Jira Group

It is not possible to share a report with a Jira group. 

As a workaround, the report can be added to a dashboard and the dashboard can be shared with the Jira group. When the users in that Jira group access the dashboard, the report will run automatically and pull the data as per their access rights in Jira.

To learn how to create a dashboard of AIO reports, please refer Creating a Dashboard of AIO Reports.

Share Report Output with Non-Jira Stakeholders

A report can be "Published" to generate a public URL and that can be shared with Non-Jira stakeholders so that they can view the output. Please click here for details.