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My Area Overview

My Area drop-down in the main navigation bar provides for a space for all the logged-in user’s artifacts like the reports that the user saved or are shared with the user, calculated fields and teams created by the user, user specific preferences, timesheets the user needs to approve (if timesheet approval is enabled). This article covers the My Saved Reports, Shared Reports, My Preferences and AIO API areas of My Area and provides links to other articles that cover the remaining areas in detail.

My Saved Reports

  • The add-on allows you to save reports for quick access to report criteria/filters for frequently run reports

  • My Saved Reports is the first tab under the My Area drop-down and it shows a list of all the reports that the user saved and details of each report - last modified date, if the report is published, the link to the published URL, subscription details and number of shares. The page also shows options to schedule, share, publish, copy and delete the reports

  • Once a report is saved from the report designer interface, it will show up in the My Area → My Saved Reports section

  • If a category was assigned to the report while saving, it will show up in the Category drop-down allowing to filter on specific types of reports

  • Clicking on the report name will open the report in the designer area and run it (if the report is set to run automatically under My Area → My Preferences tab)

  • Clicking on the icon of the left of the report name will do the same action as above but in a new window

  • To schedule a report to be sent at a particular interval to certain participants, a subscription needs to be created. Please find details here

  • A report can be "Published" to generate a public URL which can be shared with non-Jira stakeholders so that they can view the output. Please find details here

  • A report can be shared with other Jira users and with teams created within AIO add-ons. Please find details here

  • The icons under Actions are for editing, copying and deleting the report (in that order)

Shared Reports

  • The add-on allows sharing of reports that have been saved by the user. The owner/creator can share a report with other Jira users belonging to the same organization

  • The Shared Reports tab lists all the reports that have been shared with the logged in user by other users in the same organization

  • It also displays report details like category, last modified, published view, owner (the user who shared it) and actions of open, copy to Saved Reports and delete

  • The Category drop-down is updated with the category of the shared report, if it exists. The category drop-down allows to filter on specific types of reports

  • If while sharing, the owner has allowed the logged in user to edit the report then

    • if the logged in user makes changes and saves the report, the changes made are visible to the owner as well as to others with whom the report is shared

    • if the logged in user makes changes and clicks ‘Save As’, the changes made are only visible to the logged in user

  • If while sharing, the owner has allowed the logged in user to edit the report and the logged in user publishes the report, the published view is also available to the owner

    • the logged in user though cannot remove the published view or add access permissions on the report; that can only be done by the owner

  • The icons under Actions are for opening the report, copying the shared report to logged in user’s ‘My Saved Reports’ and deleting the share (in that order)

My Preferences

  • The add-on allows a few preferences to be set at the user level. For example, the user can decide whether on opening of a saved report, they would like to run the report automatically or not, etc.

  • The My Preferences tab shows user specific preferences to customize the add-on behavior

  • Following preferences can be set from this tab

    • Subscription Email Template: A subscription is used to send saved reports by email to recipients. If the logged in user wishes to use a specific email template for subscription emails set on his reports then the subject and the body of the email can be defined from this page. Please note this email template will only be applicable to the reports that the logged in user has saved

    • Report Preferences: Following report specific settings are allowed

      • A report will run automatically on opening from ‘My Saved Reports’ or ‘Shared Reports’ if this checkbox is enabled

      • For reports with column totals, a user can set that the totals row be excluded in the exported excel by enabling the checkbox

      • For reports with hyperlinks on certain fields like Issue Key, Project Name, etc., a user can set that the links be disabled in the exported excel by enabling the checkbox

    • Time Entry Preferences: While entering time via the My Timesheet screen, each entry box shows the Remaining estimate field by default. It is only for viewing purposes. But if the user wishes to not see the field in the time entry box then the setting can be enabled from this page


  • This tab offers two endpoints that can be used to integrate with third-party apps that need export of Jira data

  • The benefit is that once the report is created in the add-on, the app/user can access the report data without always coming to the add-on to run the report and manually exporting it

  • The first endpoint “/myReports” will give the ReportID and export URLs (excel, JSON, HTML formats) for all the saved reports and the reports shared with the logged in user

  • The second endpoint “/report/export” provides direct URLs for exporting the report in a particular format - excel, JSON and HTML. The ReportID required by the endpoint can be obtained by calling the “/myReports” endpoint


For information on other areas under My Area drop-down, please refer to the links below

My Calculated Fields - The add-on allows to create new calculated fields using standard Jira fields. Calculated fields provide additional flexibility for reporting as you can combine/bucket the values to get more meaningful data in the reports

My Teams - The add-on allows the user to group users in teams, that can be used within AIO

Approvals - The add-on allows users to setup approval workflows for timesheets where you can define approvers and their hierarchy and can subsequently report on the same