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Creating Dashboard of AIO Reports

Dashboard in Jira displays various gadgets which can help keep track of project summary, project status, issue progress, etc. The reports created via AIO Reports and Timesheets add-on can also be added to the Jira Dashboard.


To create a new dashboard in Jira, follow the steps below:

  1. From Jira home screen, click on Dashboards → View all dashboards

  2. Click on “Create Dashboard”



  3. In the dialog box, provide a name for the dashboard, description and access.

    1. Access can be private, public, open, with a certain group or certain projects


  4. Click “Save” to create the dashboard

  5. From the dashboard screen, click on “add a new gadget”



  6. Search for “AIO” and click on “Add Gadget” next to AIO Reports and Timesheets for Jira


  7. Upon adding the gadget, below screen will load in the selected iframe.

    1. The reports saved in AIO Reports and Timesheets add-on will appear in the drop-down - “Select a report”

    2. For chart reports, gadget height can be specified in pixels and for tabular reports, number of results per page can be defined

    3. The report can be refreshed automatically by setting the Refresh interval



  8. Select a report and click “Save” to display the report in the dashboard. If there are multiple pages in the selected report, they will be displayed as tabs. You can add the gadget again to display multiple AIO reports on the dashboard