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Cloud: The  As per Atlassian policy, the pricing for the Cloud version of the add-on is determined by the number of active users in Jira, irrespective of the actual number of users using the add-on. For example: If your are being billed for 250 Jira users by Atlassian, then the add-on will also be billed for 250 users, even if only 100 users are using the add-on. All the billing and licensing is handled by Atlassian directly and there is no way for any third party app to bill a customer for a lesser number of users than the number of active users in Jira.

Server: As per Atlassian policy, Server licenses are perpetual and initial purchase includes one year of maintenance. Maintenance can be renewed, after the first year, for 50% of the current listed price of the add-on. Purchase price is determined by the current Jira user tier. For example: if you have a 500 user tier license for Jira, the add-on will also be priced for 500 user tier, even if only 100 users need access to the add-on.